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Samuel, Willie and their mother Maria Cloppitt are three members of the same Northern family who strike lucky and win the football pools.
They splash out on holidays in London, Paris and the Tyrol, accompanied on some of their journey by Vivienne, a cabaret singer, and by Val and Vicky, a dance double-act met en route. In London they are in an illegal night-club which gets raided, and the boys have to disguise themselves as elderly spinsters in order to escape the police; at the Folies Bergere Maria gets to perform a ballet with the girls; in the Tyrol the boys get into lederhosen and a slapping routine; and in Africa they are press-ganged into the Foreign Legion, and only get away when Mum heads an army of rescuing chorus girls. When all the money is gone they return to Yorkshire and run the pub which Maria was canny enough to buy before they set out on their extravagant spending spree.

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This was as much a revue as a musical - with three comic performers and a series of sketches staged in different countries and different settings. It was, however, very popular, running seven months in town before undertaking a successful provincial tour.


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