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Historique du musical

Génèse du musical

Broadway (1948 and 1951)
The musical opened on Broadway at the St. James Theatre on October 11, 1948 and ran for 792 performances. It was directed by George Abbott, choreographed by George Balanchine, with sets and costumes by David Ffolkes. The cast featured Ray Bolger as Charley Wykeham, Allyn McLerie as Amy Spettigue, Byron Palmer as Jack Chesney, Doretta Morrow as Kitty Verdun, Paul England as Sir Francis Chesney, and Horace Cooper as Mr Spettigue. Bolger won the Tony Award, Best Actor (Musical). His second-act song, "Once in Love with Amy", was a show-stopper, with audiences not only demanding that he sing it again, but even singing along.

The musical returned to Broadway at The Broadway Theatre for 48 performances, from January 29, 1951 to March 10, 1951, with Bolger, McLerie, and Cooper reprising their roles and Abbott directing.

West End (1958)
After a trial run at the Opera House in Manchester, the musical opened in the West End at the Palace Theatre on February 20, 1958 and ran for 404 performances. It was directed by William Chappell. The cast featured Norman Wisdom as Charley Wykeham, Pip Hinton as Amy Spettigue, Terence Cooper as Jack Chesney, Pamela Gale as Kitty Verdun, Jerry Desmonde as Sir Francis Chesney, and Felix Felton as Mr Spettigue.

Circle in the Square Broadway Revival
Circle in the Square produced a revival starring Raul Julia as part of its 1974-75 Broadway season. Julia received a Tony Award nomination for his performance.

Encores! (2011)
A semi-staged production of Where's Charley? was presented as part of New York City Center's Encores! series from March 17–20, 2011, featuring Rebecca Luker and Howard McGillin, and Rob McClure as Charley.



Liste des chansons

Act 1
Overture - Orchestra
The Years Before Us - Male Chorus
Better Get Out Of Here - Charley, Jack, Kitty, Amy
The New Ashmolean Marching Society And Students' Conservatory Band - Ensemble
My Darling, My Darling - Jack, Kitty
Make A Miracle - Charley, Amy
Serenade With Asides - Spettigue
Lovelier Than Ever - Donna Lucia, Sir Francis, Ensemble
The Woman In His Room - Amy
Pernambuco - Ensemble

Act 2
Where's Charley? - Jack, Reggie, Patricia, Ensemble
Once In Love With Amy - Charley
The Gossips - Patricia, Female Chorus
At The Red Rose Cotillion - Jack, Kitty, Ensemble
Finale - Company

Liste des rôles

Charley Wykeham - An Oxford University graduate. Charming, masculine, very comic, feckless, physical, fast-paced.
Jack Chesney - Charley's best friend and room mate. An Oxford University graduate. Stubborn, impetuous, young and handsome.
Amy Spettigue - Charley's girlfriend. Interested in science. Remains faithful to Charley despite his strange behavior. Sweet, clever, well-mannered.
Kitty Verdun - Jack's refined, honest, slightly reckless girl.
Mr. Spettigue - Amy's uncle - uptight, money-loving guardian of Amy & Kitty.
Donna Lucia D'Alvadorez - Charley's aunt from Brazil. Poses as "Mrs. Beverly Smythe". An attractive, stylish globetrotter.
Sir Francis Chesney - Jack's clueless single father. Recently found himself in financial difficulty.
Reggie - Charley's rival for the affection of Amy. Crazy, stupid and tactless.
Brasset - Jack's Butler
Patricia - An Oxford Graduate. Likes to Gossip.
Wilkinson - The director of Theatrics at Oxford.

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