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‘Purlie’ tells the story of Purlie, a self-taught preacher who returns to his home in the South with the intent of opening an abandoned church and ringing the bell of freedom. The problem is that Ol’ Capn’ is holding Purlie’s inheritance due to a long-lost cousin. With the help of Ol’ Capn’s son, Charlie, Purlie's manages to outsmart the white haired old-timer to win a victory for freedom.

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Act I
Walk Him Up the Stairs
Newfangled Preacher Man
Skinnin' a Cat
The Harder They Fall
Charlie's Songs: The Barrels of War; The Unborn Love
Big Fish, Little Fish
I Got Love
Great White Father
Skinnin' a Cat
Down Home

Act II
First Thing Monday Mornin'
He Can Do It
The Harder They Fall (Reprise)
The World Is Comin' to a Start
Walk Him Up the Stairs (Reprise)

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