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Workers at the Sleep-Tite Pajama Factory are demanding a raise of seven and a half cents an hour but the union's demands are falling on deaf ears. Meanwhile, a romance is budding between Babe, the grievance committee head, and Sid, the new factory superintendent.

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Based on the novel "7-1/2 Cents" by Richard Bissell.



Liste des chansons

Act I
"The Pajama Game Opening" – Hines
"Racing With the Clock" – Factory Workers
"A New Town Is a Blue Town" – Sid
"I'm Not At All in Love" – Babe and Factory Girls
"I'll Never Be Jealous Again" – Mabel and Hines
"Hey There" – Sid
"Racing With the Clock" (Reprise) – Factory Workers
"Sleep-Tite" – Company
"Her Is" – Prez and Gladys
"Once a Year Day" – Sid, Babe, and Company
"Her Is" (Reprise) – Prez and Mae
"Small Talk" – Sid, and Babe
"There Once Was a Man" – Sid, and Babe
"Hey There" (Reprise) – Sid

Act II
"Steam Heat" – Gladys and the Box Boys
"The World Around Us" (added to 2006 production) – Sid
"Hey There" (Reprise) – Babe
"If You Win, You Lose" (added to 2006 production) – Sid, and Babe
"Think of the Time I Save" – Hines and Factory Girls
"Hernando's Hideaway" – Gladys and Company
"The Three of Us (Me, Myself and I)" (added to 2006 production) – Hines and Gladys
"7½ Cents" – Prez, Babe and Factory Workers
"There Once Was a Man" (Reprise) – Sid and Babe
"The Pajama Game Finale" – Full Company

Liste des rôles

Sid Sorokin, the handsome new factory superintendent who falls in love with Babe, despite their being on opposite sides of the labor dispute central to the plot.
Catherine "Babe" Williams, the leader of the Union Grievance Committee, who in turn falls in love with Sid.
Myron "Old Man" Hasler, the strict head of the pajama factory who keeps a secret.
Gladys Hotchkiss, Hasler's attractive, quick-witted secretary, who dates Hines and is chased by Prez.
Vernon Hines, the factory timekeeper, who thinks Gladys flirts too much and, as a result is always jealous.
Prez, the head of the union and a skirt chaser, despite being a married man.
Mabel, the mother hen of the factory and Sid's secretary.
Mae, a loud-mouthed member of the Grievance Committee, who accepts Prez's advances, much to his surprise.
Pop, Babe's kind and agreeable father.
Max, A salesman.
Charley, a worker in the factory and the handyman.
Joe, a factory worker and Prez's right-hand man.
Brenda, A member of the Grievance Committee.
Virginia, a factory girl and union activist.
Poopsie, a factory girl and union activist.
Gus, an unhappy factory helper who Sid shoves.

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