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A week in the life of Jamie, a twenty-four year old who came to New York City to fulfill his dream of being a writer and who now finds himself in a frightfully boring job in the "factual verification department" of Gotham Magazine.

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1 Bright Lights, Big City peut-être considéré comme un Flop musical


Historique du musical

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The show first opened at the New York Theatre Workshop on 24 February 1999. It was directed and musically staged by Michael Greif and orchestrated by Richard Barone. It starred Patrick Wilson as Jamie, Jerry Dixon as Tad, Napiera Daniele Groves as Amanda, Annmarie Milazzo as the Mother, John Link Graney as Michael and Natascia Diaz as Vicky. The show opened to mixed reviews, many of which poorly compared it to Rent which not only spawned at the same theatre, but boasted almost entirely the same creative team, minus its creator, the late Jonathan Larson.
The show will have its PROFESSIONAL UK Premiere this Nov 4th-25th 2010 at Hoxton Hall, London.



Liste des chansons

'Bright Lights, Big City' - Chuck Bean, Jamie, Drug Girl & Ensemble
'Back In The City' - Tad, Jamie & Ensemble
'Sunday Morning 6AM' - Jamie, Chuck Bean, Mary, Mother Amanda & Ensemble.
'Coma Baby' - Coma Baby, Chuck Bean, Jamie & Ensmble
'Fact & Fiction' - Clara, Jamie & Ensemble
'I Hate The French' - Jamie & Employee
'Brother' - Michael, Amanda & Jamie
'I Hate The French (Reprise)' - Jamie
'Odeon' - Jamie, Tad & Ensmble
'Happy Birthday Darling' - Mother
'Missing' - Coma Baby, Mary & Jamie
'To Model' - Amanda & Jamie
'So Many Little Things' - Jamie, Mother, Michael & Ensemble
'Back In The City 2' - Tad
'Kindness' - Vicky
'Perfect Feeling' - Jamie, Vicky & Ensemble
'Bright Lights, Big City 2' - Jamie
'You Couldn't Handle It Jamie' - Clara & Jamie
'My Son' - Clara & Jamie
'Wednesday' - Chuck, Tad & Jamie
'Camera Wall' - Amanda, Chuck Bean, Jamie, Mother, Michael, Mary, Coma Baby & Ensemble
'Heart And Soul' - Michael, Vicky & Mother
'Brother 2' - Michael & Jamie
'Mummies At The Met' - Mother, Jamie, Coma Baby, Mary & Ensemble
'Are You Still Holding My Hand?' - Mother
'Brother 3' Jamie & Michael
'Back In The City 3' - Tad & Ensemble
'Stay In My Life' - Jamie, Amanda, Vicky & Ensemble
'Bright Lights Big City 3 / Wordfall' - Jamie & Ensemble

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1) 2004-??-Studio Cast

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