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2005-03-Original Off-Broadway Cast

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Stage Cast •
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1 pour un total de 13 tracks
Ryan Duncan, David Josefsberg, Andy Karl, Tyler Maynard, Scott Porter
01. We Are The Altar Boyz
02. Rhythm In Me
03. Church Rulez
04. The Calling
05. The Miracle Song
06. Everybody Fits
07. Something About You
08. Body Mind & Soul
09. La Vida Eternal
10. Epiphany
11. Number 918
12. I Believe
13. Altar Boyz Megamix
The peak of the so-called boy band craze in pop music came in about the year 2000; by 2002, the fashion was over. Altar Boyz, a musical about a boy band, arrived off-Broadway on March 1, 2005, which may be as close to currency as the musical theater gets. But there is nothing as out as that which was recently in, and the show plays as a period piece no less than Forever Plaid, another off-Broadway musical about a male vocal group. And similar to Forever Plaid, Altar Boyz is intended as a lightly satiric, yet affectionate take on its subject. The big joke here is that the fictional Altar Boyz are a group of Catholics -- Matthew, Mark, Luke, and Juan (and, oh, yes, Abraham, who, for reasons never really explained, is Jewish) -- and they are here to sing about their faith. They do so in the combination of dance, Latin, and ballad styles, complete with overly emotive harmony and solo singing, that will be familiar to anyone who's ever heard a Backstreet Boys album. Songwriters Gary Adler and Michael Patrick Walker clearly have their tongues in their cheeks. "Church Rulez" is an account of what the Catholic Mass is like, with its constant cycle of standing, sitting, and kneeling. "The Calling" announces that Jesus Christ has spoken to the singers -- by calling on a cell phone! "The Miracle Song" repeats familiar Gospel tales in rap style. The big romantic ballad, "Something About You," finds lead singer Matthew (Scott Porter) explaining to his girlfriend his adherence to abstinence. "La Vida Eternal," the inevitable Latin track inevitably handled by Juan (Ryan Duncan), reveals that "the afterlife is not a scary place." And "Epiphany," with lead vocals by Mark (Tyler Maynard), is a declaration of Catholic identity in terms reminiscent of a homosexual coming-out ("this is who you are, it's not a choice"). The singers, of course, render all these potted sentiments with mock sincerity, and, particularly on the cast album, it's possible to mistake that for real sincerity now and then. At very least, the songwriters have brought a knowledge of their musical and theological subjects to their writing, and as much sympathy as critical intent. And maybe the boy band trend has been gone just long enough to be ripe for such treatment. Meanwhile, both non-believers and the devout (as long as they have a sense of humor) should enjoy the music. ~ William Ruhlmann, Rovi All Music Guide


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Le spectacle est présenté comme un concert en temps réel, le dernier concert de la tournée "Raise the Praise" du groupe Altar Boyz. Quatre des membres du groupe, Matthew, Mark, Luke et Juan, ont les mêmes noms que les quatre Évangiles chrétiens. Le cinquième membre est Abraham qui, comme l'explique le groupe dans le numéro d'ouverture du spectacle, est juif. Les membres du groupe s'adressent directement au public et font référence au lieu dans lequel le spectacle se déroule. Les Altar Boyz chantent plusieus chansons, avec des danses chorégraphiées dans le style des boys band, et présentent plusieurs scènes à propos du groupe et de ses origines, aussi bien que des forces et des démons de chaque membre, mais toujours comme partie intégrante du concert.
Pendant le spectacle, les Altar Boyz font référence à maintes reprises à une machine sur scène, la "Sonde de l'Âme DX-12" dotée d'une écran en LED rouges qui affiche le nombre d'âmes perdues dans la salle. Leur but, expliquent-ils, est de réduire ce nombre à zéro à la fin du concert.
Même si bon nombre de paroles dans le spectacle sont susceptibles d'interprétations amusantes et critiques, comme il est commun dans la satire, les artistes, à aucun moment, ne jouent un double jeu dans leur preformance: ils sont les Altar Boyz.

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Directed by Stafford Arima and choreographed by Christopher Gattelli, Altar Boyz debuted at the 47th Street Theatre (Puerto Rican Traveling Theatre) in New York City as part of the New York Musical Theatre Festival in September 2004. The NYMF cast included Cheyenne Jackson as Matthew, Tyler Maynard as Mark, Andy Karl as Luke, Ryan Duncan as Juan, and David Josefsberg as Abraham. Marc Kudisch performed the pre-recorded role of "G.O.D." Due to the nature of the festival, the NYMF run was limited to 8 performances on an irregular schedule over the course of a few weeks.
After 16 preview performances, the show opened Off Broadway at Stage 4 of Dodger Stages (now New World Stages) on March 1, 2005. The cast was the same as in the NYMF production, except Scott Porter played the part of Matthew and Shadoe Stevens played the pre-recorded role of "G.O.D." The production closed on January 10, 2010 after 2,032 regular performances, making it the 9th longest-running Off-Broadway musical of all time. The closing cast starred Michael Kadin Craig as Matthew, Travis Nesbitt as Mark, Lee Markham as Luke, Mauricio Pérez as Juan, and Ravi Roth as Abraham.
There have been touring productions of Altar Boyz in the United States (in 2007, 2008 and 2009) and resident productions in Chicago (2007), and Korea, Hungary, Finland, Australia and the Philippines as well as numerous regional and amateur productions.



Liste des chansons

We Are the Altar Boyz
Rhythm In Me
Church Rulez
The Calling
The Miracle Song
Everybody Fits
Something About You
Body, Mind & Soul
La Vida Eternal
Number 918
Finale: I Believe
Bows & Altar Boyz Remix

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From October 11 - 18, 2005, the full price of tickets purchased through Broadway.com (using the code KATRINA) was donated to the Hurricane Katrina relief effort. Also, during that period, the cast performed a new song (”Leading the Way”) after each performance.


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1) 2005-03-Original Off-Broadway Cast

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