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Medley aux Tony Awards

A class act (2001-03-Ambassador Theatre-Broadway)

Lonny Price dirige la troupe originale de Broadway dans un medley : «Follow Your Star», «Better» et «Self Portrait» aux Tony Awards.

Qualité: **** Intérêt: ***
Anglais Durée: 00:03:40

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2001-03-Original Broadway Cast

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Stage Cast •
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1 pour un total de 19 tracks
Nancy Kathryn Anderson , Carolee Carmello, Jonathan Freeman, Randy Graff, David Hibbard, Julia Murney, Lonny Price, Ray Wills
01.Light On My Feet
02. Fountain in the Garden
03. One More Beautiful Song
04. Friday At Four / Bobby's Song
05. Charm Song
06. Paris Through the Window
07. Mona
08. Making Up Ways
09. Under Separate Cover
10. Gauguin's Shoes
11. Follow Your Star
12. Better [The Madwoman Of Central Park West]
13. Scintillating Sophie
14. Next Best Thing to Love
15. Broadway Boogie Woogie
16. One (Excerpt From A Chorus Line) [A Chorus Line] / Better (Reprise) / I Choose You / Light On My Feet (Reprise)
17. Say Something Funny
18. When the Dawn Breaks
19. Self Portrait
There isn't a performance in this bio-musical that doesn't shine, individually and in ensemble....The show lives up to its title in every way. The book, cleverly and smoothly integrates the late composer-lyricist Edward Kleban's story with ... his heretofore unstaged songs. --Elyse Sommer ( Curtain Up) Barnes & Noble


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The Tony Award winning lyricist of A CHORUS LINE was hell-bent on writing both the words and music for a Broadway show, a goal unrealized in 1987 when he died of cancer at the age of 48. Only posthumously would Ed's songs garner the acclaim they always deserved, in the biographical musical A CLASS ACT. Ed got his start in the BMI Musical Theater Workshop where he largely amasses the charismatic songbook that has been arranged in A CLASS ACT to dramatize Ed's often hilarious, ultimately heartbreaking journey. An ensemble of 7 inhabit the colorful gallery of friends and loved ones in Ed's life including the legendarily acerbic Lehman Engle, the relentlessly peppy Marvin Hamlisch, and Über-creative Michael Bennett. Fourteen years after his death, one of the theater's unsung champions finally got the recognition he always deserved in this vibrant musical about musicals.

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Liste des chansons

Acte I
Light on My Feet – Ed and Company
The Fountain in the Garden – Company
One More Beautiful Song – Ed and Sophie
Fridays at Four – Company
Bobby's Song – Bobby
Charm Song – Lehman and Company
Paris Through The Window – Ed, Bobby and Charley
Mona – Mona
Under Separate Cover – Sophie, Lucy and Ed
Don't Do It Again – Felicia and Ed
Gauguin's Shoes – Ed and Company
Don't Do It Again (Reprise) – Lehman
Follow Your Star – Sophie and Ed

Acte II
Better – Ed and Company
Scintillating Sophie – Ed
The Next Best Thing To Love – Sophie
Broadway Boogie Woogie – Lucy
Better (Reprise) – Ed and Company
I Choose You – Ed and Lucy
The Nightmare – Ed
Say Something Funny – Company
When the Dawn Breaks – Ed
Self Portrait – Ed

Liste des rôles

Ed – Edward Kleban, lyricist and composer
Sophie – Ed's oldest friend and first love, an oncologist
Lehman Engel – head of the songwriting workshop
Michael Bennett – director/ choreographer of A Chorus Line
Marvin Hamlisch – composer of A Chorus Line
Lucy – Ed's last significant other, member of the BMI Workshop
Felicia – Ed's boss at Columbia Records, member of the BMI Workshop
Bobby – Ed's best friend, member of the BMI Workshop
Charlie – a friend from the workshop, member of the BMI Workshop
Mona – one of Ed's many love affairs, member of the BMI Workshop

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Medley aux Tony Awards

A class act (2001-03-Ambassador Theatre-Broadway)

Lonny Price dirige la troupe originale de Broadway dans un medley : «Follow Your Star», «Better» et «Self Portrait» aux Tony Awards.

Qualité: **** Intérêt: ***
Anglais Durée: 00:03:40


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