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1963-??-Original Broadway Cast

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Stage Cast •
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1 pour un total de 17 tracks
Don Atkinson, Barbara Bossert, Lynne Broadbent, George Church, Don Crabtree, Gretchen Cryer, Dori David, Diane Deering, Frank Derbas, Jerry Dodge, Stephen Douglass, Renee Dudley, Clifford Fearl, Leslie Franzos, Will Geer, Ben Gillespie, Loren Hightower, Robert Horton, Carolyn Kemp, Lucia Lambert, Urylee Leonardos, Paula Lloyd, David London, Carl Nicholas, Stan Page, Seth Riggs, Steve Roland, Donna Sanders, Robert Shepard, Inga Swenson, Evelyn Taylor, Scooter Teague, Lusby Vernon, Esther Villavicencio, Christopher Votos, Lesley Ann Warren, Arthur Whitfield, Florence Willson
01. Overture (previously unreleased [BONUS])
02. Gonna Be Another Hot Day
03. Lizzie's Commin' Home
04. Love, Don't Turn Away
05. Poker Polka
06. Hungry Men
07. Rain Song
08. You're Not Foolin' Me
09. Raunchy
10. A Man and a Woman
11. Old Maid
12. Everything Beautiful Happens at Night
13. Melisande
14. Simple Little Things
15. Little Red Hat
16. Is It Really Me?
17. Wonderful Music - Rain Song Finale
This original Broadway cast recording of the underrated Harvey Schmidt/Tom Jones musical "110 in the Shade" dates from November 3, 1963, during the show's run at the Broadhurst Theatre in New York City. It features Robert Horton as Starbuck, Inga Swenson as Lizzie, and Stephen Douglass. Based on Richard Nash play, "The Rainmaker," "110 in the Shade" tells the story of a heat wave in a Texan Panhandle town and the magical stranger who brings rain to town and romance to a spinster. The score has its blustery moments (most notably on the fun "Lizzie's Comin' Home," sung by her brother and father as they await her arrival at the train station), but it's the air of melancholy in the music that really typifies "100 in the Shade." At the same time, the show isn't a downer since everyone ends up happy in the end. The group chorus on "Everything Beautiful Happens at Night" is a standout, as is Inga Swenson on "Simple Little Things." While "110 in the Shade" was only a moderate hit upon its opening, overshadowed by big-deal events like "Funny Girl," the show was revived in 1992 by the New York City Opera and did very well. Though the recording of that production is much grander in scope, this abbreviated version of the original cast still has charm since it came first. And Swenson, in the pivotal role of Lizzie, is really incredible throughout.


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