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In 1943, young Mid-Westerner Stu serves in the army as a photographer for Yank Magazine, the journal ‘for and by servicemen’. Following the men in Charlie Company, YANK! the musical explores what it means to be a man and fall in love… and struggle to survive in a time and place where the odds are stacked against you.

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The show received a workshop production as part of the New York Musical Theatre Festival in 2005. The workshop featured Doug Kreeger, Jeffry Denman, Julie Foldesi, Tally Sessions and Ivan Hernandez. It was directed by Igor Goldin and choreographed by Chase Brock.
A full production of Yank! was mounted at Brooklyn's Gallery Players in the fall of 2007. The production starred Bobby Steggert, Nancy Anderson, Tyson Kaup, James Stover, Daniel Shevlin, Chris Carfizzi, and Maxime de Toledo. Jeffry Denman appeared again and also choreographed. Igor Goldin again directed. This production received the New York Innovative Theatre Award for Best Musical.
In 2008, the first regional production of Yank! was produced by the Diversionary Theatre[4] in San Diego. The cast consisted of Amy Biedel, Zachary Bryant, Jacob Caltrider, Rocky DeHaro, Eric Dowdy, Tom Doyle, Juston Harlin, Tony Houck, Trevor Peringer, Sven Salumaa, John Whitley and Tom Zohar. That production won L.A. Stage Scene Awards for Best Musical (intimate theatre) and Outstanding Direction of a Musical (Igor Goldin).

2010 York Theatre Production
Yank! began preview performances at the York Theatre on February 16, 2010 and opened on February 24. Originally slated to run through March 21, strong tickets sales led producers to extend the show through April 4. Steggert, Hernandez, Denman and Anderson all returned for this production and were joined in the cast by Andrew Durand, Zak Edwards, Todd Faulkner, Denis Lambert, Joseph Medeiros, David Perlman, Christopher Ruth and Tally Sessions. It was directed by Igor Goldin and choreographed by Jeffry Denman.
The York Theatre production attracted attention for its relevance during a time of national debate over the repeal effort aimed at the United States military's gay-exclusionary don't ask, don't tell (DADT) policy. The company created partnerships with LGBT equal rights groups including The White Knot, Broadway Impact and American Veterans for Equal Rights.[citation needed]

Broadway plans
The producers—Maren Berthelsen, Pamela Koslow, and Stuart Wilk, with Keith Degi, Matt Schicker, Hugh Hayes, Jim Kierstead, Joe Black, Sondra Healy and Shidan Majidi —announced plans to move Yank! to Broadway under the direction of David Cromer. Cromer would replace Igor Goldin, who had been with the production since the beginning.
The production was originally scheduled for Fall 2010 but changed to Fall 2011 or Spring 2012 to allow more time for further development of the script and score. In winter 2011, the Roundabout Theatre Company produced a workshop of a revised "Yank!"

European Premiere
Yank! receives it's European Premiere at Manchester's Hope Mill Theatre. March 9 – April 8, 2017. Produced by Katy Lipson for Aria Entertainment, Hope Mill Theatre and Ben Millerman for Mr Millerman Presents.

Latin American Premiere
Yank! receives its Latin American Premiere at Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in June 2017. Produced by Leandro Terra's Silhueta Produções and George Luis, Yank! - O Musical will be direteced by Menelick de Carvalho. Jules Vandystadt is the music director and orchestrator of this production. Coreographies by Clara da Costa.
The cast is led by Hugo Bonemer and Betto Marque alongside Leandro Terra, Fernanda Gabriela, Conrado Helt, Leandro Melo, Chris Penna, Dennis Pinheiro, Bruno Ganem, Robson Lima and Alain Catein.



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