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The story tells how Mole, a curious young female, leaves her underground life for one of adventure and meets the kindly Water Rat, who agrees to show her the world. Part of that world includes his eccentric and very rich friend, Mr. Toad, whose outrageous fads and enthusiasms, especially for motor cars, bring trouble to everyone. When the old boxing champion, Mr. Badger, leads them to victory in a fight with the Weasels to recapture Toad's ancestral home, we realize that this isn't simply a show about animals with human characteristics, but a show about the delicate balance among all living things and about the surpassing value of friendship.

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Malgré le terrible flop (4 représentations), le musical a été nominé: 1986 Tony Award® Best Book of a Musical : Dramatized by Jane Iredale [nominee] / 1986 Tony Award® Best Original Score : Music by William Perry; Lyrics by William Perry, Roger McGough [nominee]


1 Wind in the willows peut-être considéré comme un Flop musical


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