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In 1984 Richard wrote a show called WICKED LIPS which was due to play the Donmar Warehouse, in London, but due to copyright problems the show was banned only hours before it was due to open. However, a private performance did take place, and was so well received that Richard was determined it would return. Andrew Lloyd-Webber refused to have any new words to his music, thus the show received a one-night only “private” performance at the Donmar with Valerie Walsh, Tudor Davies and Cheryl Taylor.

It took four years, and in 1988 WICKED LIPS finally opened at the Donmar to rave reviews and public acclaim. Jack Tinker wrote, “I offer my thanks for one of the slickest pieces of impertinence it has been my pleasure to enjoy.” It was an immense achievement for Richard, as not only did he write and produce it, but also directed and appeared in it



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