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Time tells the story of the Rock Star named Chris Wilder (Cliff Richard, later by David Cassidy) who has been transported, with backup singers Louise, Babs and Carol, from his concert on Earth to the High Court of the Universe. There they face three other-worldly judges to defend the Earth in the case of the Time Lord vs. the people of the planet Earth.

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Acte I
Time Talkin'
Born to Rock 'n' Roll
Music of the Spheres
Law of the Universe
The Time Lord Theme
The Charge
One Human Family
What On Earth (moved to here from second song of Act II at cast change in 1987)
Your Brother in Soul
Case for the Prosecution
Time Will Teach Us All
If You Only Knew
I Object
In My Defence

Act II
Within My World (added to opening of Act II at cast change in 1987)
Move the Judge
What on Earth (removed from Act II in 1987)
I Don't Like You
She's So Beautiful
We're the UFO
The Theme from Time
The Return
Time (Reprise)
It's in Everyone of Us

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