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The story is inspired by the early history of aviation, interweaving the lives of Orville and Wilbur Wright, Charles Lindbergh, Amelia Earhart and her publisher George Putnam together with the German "Glider King", Otto Lielthal, and the English Commander, Richard Byrd. The separate but sympathetic quests of these famous figures have been linked together to create a musical collage of dream chasing . Wilbur and Orville squabble and scratch their heads, plagued by doubts at Kitty Hawk and worry about returning home to be mocked as eccentric failures; Charles Lindbergh faces ghosts from his past as the long hours pass during his Atlantic crossing; and Amelia Earhart makes history with her aerial exploits, risking disaster in her attempt to fly round the world and endangering her relationship with her publisher, George Putnam who finances her first transatlantic flight just to sell books and later pursues her hand in marriage.


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Act I
Take Flight - Orville, Wilbur, Lindbergh, Amelia, Noonan and Company
Equilibrium - Orville, Wilbur
Sky! - Lindbergh, Company
Like You, Say - Putnam, Amelia
Throw It to the Wind - Amelia, Putnam
Pffft! - Lilienthal, Company
Lady in the Aeroplane - Amelia, Putnam, Burke, Company
Lady Lindy - Reporters, Putnam, Amelia
Solo/Sorry, Mr Lindbergh - Lindbergh, Bankers, Hall
Earthbound - Putnam, Amelia
What Are We Doing Here? - Wilbur, Orville, Lilienthal
Before the Dawn - Wilbur, Orville, Lindbergh, Amelia, Putnam, Company

Act II
A Part of Me - Amelia
Back of the Line/Before the Dawn (Reprise) - Lindbergh, Company
The Funniest Thing - Orville, Wilbur
(The Farther You Go) Around the World/Papua - Putnam, Amelia, Noonan
The Prize/The Landing - Company
Finale - Company

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