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Eddie Woo helps his widowed father run their Chinese Takeaway, Happy Family, in East London. The Dad hopes to hand on the business to Eddie, but Eddie himself has bigger ambitions - he want to sing like Tom Jones and get lots of sex. For the former, he plans to enter a TV talent show. For the latter he manages to turn himself into all sorts of different characters to appeal to the girls: for Angela he’s a left-wing student; for Sheila he’s a prince of some obscure island; he’s closest to himself with Dillon, the takeaway’s delivery girl, but at the same time he fancies the pants off Dillon’s new boyfriend, Reece! Other characters in his story include a Guardian Angel in the heavenly form of Tom Jones, and the ageing film star Widow Chu

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This was billed as the “first” British-Chinese musical, representing the British-East Asian experience. However, its exuberant, outrageous disregard for political correctness, and its irreverent play on perceived racial stereotypes did not find favour with everyone. The very mixed reviews tended to praise the songs and the overall fun, but find the plot confused, jumbled and incoherent.


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