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Liste des chansons

01. Prelude - Chorus
02. Flannagan's Trees - Abe, Chorus
03. Once A Year Is Not Enough - Milli & Men
04. Just Around the Corner - Korolka and chorus
05. Be She Dark, Be She Fair - Shaun and Girls
06. Cotton Tail - Abe
07. No One Told Me - Shaun
08. Sing Me A Song - Male Chorus
09. Murphy's Pig - Milli & chorus
10. Saturday Girl - Shaun and Karolka
11. One Boy Sends You A Rose - Karolka and Milli
12. Deep Blue Ev'nin' - Abe and chorus
13. I'm Not So Certain - Joe and Milli
14. Centreville Song - Chorus
15. The Day You Hit the High Road - Abe and Chorus
16. Weddin' Gown - Joe, Mili and chorus
17. Summer Song - Karolka and chorus
18. Small Town Sweetheart - Shaun
19. New York 'Ninety Three - Chorus
20. I'll Be Rememb'ring - Karolka

Liste des rôles

Singing Principals
Karolka Novak - a young Czech immigrant
Milli. - Marek's daughter
Shaun - Son of Ma Flannagan - an engineer.
Joe Gianello - a travelling salesman
Abe, a Negro man-of-all-work.

Straight Roles
"Ma" Flannagan - Boss of Valley Falls
Dr. Anton Dvorák - the famous composer
Uncle Marek - Karolka's Uncle

Smaller Roles
Feeney, a saloon keeper
Tomashek, a musician.
Blodek, a lumberman.
Gilmore, a railroad magnate.

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