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Littlechap finds himself a father before his time. He agreed to marry Evie because it offered him certain business advantages. Now he succeeds in his position, but finds himself trapped in the responsibility of a premature family. He turns to the woman of the world but finds only empty fulfilment. In the twilight of his years he finally discovers that he has wasted his life looking for something that was before him all the time - his wife's true love.


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The West End production, directed by Newley, opened on 20 July 1961 at the Queen's Theatre, where it ran for 485 performances. Newley starred as Littlechap, with Anna Quayle playing the multiple roles of Evie and the other women in his life. Marti Webb was a member of the chorus. An original cast recording was released by Decca Records.

Producer David Merrick, always impressed by a low-cost project requiring minimal sets, costumes, and a small cast, decided to stage the show in New York City. It was directed by Newley, and featured scenery and lighting design by Sean Kenny, musical supervision by Ian Fraser, musical direction by Milton Rosenstock, orchestrations by Ian Fraser. After one preview, the Broadway production opened on 3 October 1962 at the Shubert Theatre, eventually transferring to the Ambassador to complete its 555-performance run. Newley and Quayle reprised their London roles. Newley later was replaced by Kenneth Nelson, then Joel Grey, and Joan Eastman assumed the roles of Evie et al. A Broadway cast recording was released by Polydor. On the national company tour, the show starred Grey and Julie Newmar.

A Broadway revival directed by Mel Shapiro opened on 3 August 1978 at the New York State Theater in Lincoln Center, where it ran for 30 performances. The cast included Sammy Davis, Jr. and Marian Mercer. A revival cast recording was released by Warner Bros. Records.



Liste des chansons

Act I
The A.B.C. Song
I Want to Be Rich
Typically English
A Special Announcement
Welcome to Sludgepool
Gonna Build a Mountain
Glorious Russian
Meilinki, Meilchick
Family Fugue
Typische Deutsche
Nag! Nag! Nag!

Act II
Once in a Lifetime
Mumbo Jumbo
Welcome to Sunvale
Someone Nice Like You
What Kind of Fool Am I?

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