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A group of seemingly hopeless amateurs from a variety of backgrounds sign on for a weekly evening class, none of them bent on fame or life in the chorus line, their common motive purely a couple of hours a week away from home, where they can briefly escape the cards life has dealt them.

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“A lot of people thought the play Stepping Out was a musical, but it was a play about people who dance. Now it’s been totally re-shaped as a musical. I’ve had to change and cut the play drastically to accommodate 14 songs. STEPPING OUT - THE MUSICAL should be seen as an entirely new piece. It’s one of the most enjoyable things I’ve done because I like the genre so much. I love seeing the choreographer working--we’ve got a very good one, Kenn Oldfield--I love listening to people sing--I love listening to Denis King playing the piano and somebody singing. I just find that very exciting. Something about the music lifts me, and when the band arrives, there’s another lift. I think most people get a lift out of music; it’s an emotional charge. I hope we get the same feeling that we did with the play. The idea is to just give people a good time, really. A happy couple of hours in the theatre.” Richard Harris


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01.One Night a Week - Mavis & Company
02. Quite - Andy & Geoffrey
03. Don't Ask Me - Rose & Company
04.Love To - Dorothy & Lynne
05.What Do Men Think? - Sylvia, Maxine, Rose, Dorothy
06. Too Much - Mavis
07.Never Feel the Same Again - Andy & Geoffrey
08. Definitely You - Vera & Company
09. One Night a Week (Reprise) - Company
10. Not Quite - Geoffrey
11.Just the Same - Maxine
12. What I Want - Rose, Sylvia, Maxine, & Dorothy
13. Once More - Maxine and Mavis
14. Loving Him - Rose, Mavis, Andy & Vera
15. Stepping Out - Company

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