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The Frake family of Iowa make plans to attend the State Fair in late summer 1946. Father Abel Frake has hopes that his boar will win a prize; his wife Melissa is entering her mincemeat. Daughter Margy is upset with her beau's (Harry) plans for their life together ("It Might as Well Be Spring"). The family heads for the fair ("Driving at Night/Our State Fair"), where son Wayne meets Emily Arden, a singer, and falls instantly in love ("That's for Me"). Meanwhile, Melissa's mincemeat has won a Blue Ribbon. Margy meets Pat, a reporter, and a mutual romantic attraction develops.

On the last day of the fair, Abel's boar wins the Blue Ribbon, Emily breaks off the growing relationship with Wayne, and Pat must leave for a new job. Back home, Wayne returns to his old girlfriend Eleanor. Pat arrives unexpectedly and asks Margy to marry him. Margy accepts.

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Book adapted from the Hammerstein screenplay for the 20th Century-Fox film released 20 Aug 1945. The screenplay was based on an adaptation by Sonya Levien and Paul Green of the novel by Phil Stong. The musical version was remade by 20th Century-Fox (release date 15 Mar 1962). A 1933 non-musical version, based on the novel, was also released by 20th Century-Fox.

The stage première of STATE FAIR occurred in a two-week run starting 2 June 1969 at the Municipal Opera House in St. Louis MO. This version, with book by Lucille Kallen, did not reach Broadway. Revised versions were performed in regional productions ca. 1992. The score of the version which finally made it to Broadway in 1996 closely resembles that of the regional productions, but there are differences.
A bit of a stir ensued when the 1996 score was nominated for a Tony Award, even though only four of its songs satisfied the criterion of 'original songs written for the theatre'. (It didn't win.)



Liste des chansons

01 Opening (Abel, Melissa and Wayne)
02 It Might As Well Be Spring (Margy)
03 Driving At Night (The Frakes)
04 Our State Fair (The Ensemble)
05 That's For Me (Wayne)
06 More Than Just A Friend (Abel, Lem, Clay and Hank)
07 Isn't It Kinda Fun? (Pat and Margy)
08 You Never Had It So Good (Emily Arden and the Fairtones)
09 It Might As Well Be Spring (Reprise) (Margy)
10 When I Go Out Walking With My Baby (Abel and Melissa)
11 So Far (Wayne and Emily)
12 It's A Grand Night For Singing (The Company)
13 The Man I Used To Be (Pat, Vivian and Jeanne)
14 All I Owe Ioway (Abel and the Company)
15 The Man I Used To Be (Reprise) (Pat)
16 Isn't It Kinda Fun? (Reprise) (Margy)
17 That's The Way It Happens (Emily Arden and the Fairtones)
18 Boys And Girls Like You And Me (Abel and Melissa)
19 The Next Time It Happens (Margy)
20 Finale Ultimo

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