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Wilberforce, Jeremiah and their mother Clementina Tuttle will inherit a lot of money from a well-intentioned relative provided they can all hold down a proper job for at least a month. The two men take a job at a posh hotel as cocktail waiter and cook, and when that falls through they end up disguised as lady shop assistants and part of a sultan’s harem, and further jobs in the Arctic and in the tropics. Mother ends up working as a singer in a Wild West saloon bar. With all three working in the Wild West they fortunately hit lucky with a gold strike and are able to return to a wealthy life bacjk home without having to worry about the inheritance.

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This was as a kind of successor to “Wild Oats” - which had been the hit show of the previous year at the Prince’s – using the same three stars with the same kind of story in its revue form - three comic performers and a series of vaguely related comedy sketches . It looked as if it would settle down to be another hit for the trio, but it was forced to close after its second week because of the outbreak of war. It was not revived.


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