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In a lonely manor house on the Yorkshire moors, Archibald Craven yearns for his beautiful, late wife, and becomes ever more isolated and remote from his crippled son. But their quiet routine is turned upside down when young Mary Lennox is sent to live with them following the death of her parents in India. She finds a secret walled garden hidden in the grounds and releases the magic and adventure locked inside it, changing their lives forever.

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The Secret Garden premiered on Broadway at the St. James Theatre on April 25, 1991 and closed on January 3, 1993 after 709 performances. Directed by Susan H. Schulman with choreography by Michael Lichtefeld, the cast featured Daisy Eagan as Mary Lennox. It won the 1991 Tony Awards for Best Book of a Musical, Best Featured Actress in a Musical (Daisy Eagan), and Best Scenic Design (Heidi Landesman). Eagan at age 11 was the youngest female recipient of a Tony Award. The set resembled an enormous Victorian toy theatre with pop-out figures, large paper dolls, and Joseph Cornell-like collage elements.

Theoni V. Aldredge designed wardrobes and was nominated for Best Costume Design. The wardrobe is on display at the Costume World Broadway Collection in Pompano Beach, Florida.

The musical was produced in Australia in 1995 in Brisbane (opened on 27 July 1995), Sydney (opened on 7 September 1995), and Melbourne (opened on 20 December 1995). Directed by Schulman and with sets by Landesman, the cast starred Philip Quast as Neville Craven and Anthony Warlow as Archibald Craven.

A heavily revised Royal Shakespeare Company production ran at Stratford (UK) from November 13, 2000 until January 27, 2001, with Philip Quast and Meredith Braun and directed by Adrian Noble, staged and choreographed by Gillian Lynne. The RSC production transferred to the West End Aldwych Theatre, running from February 2001 until June 2001.

The Secret Garden was The Third Annual World AIDS Day Benefit Concert, held on December 5, 2005 at the Manhattan Center Studios Grand Ballroom, New York City, directed by Stafford Arima and produced by Jamie McGonnigal.

In February 2010, Mirvish Productions announced that The Secret Garden will open in Toronto in March 2011.



Liste des chansons

Act I
Opening — Lily, Fakir, Company, Mary
There's a Girl — Company
The House Upon the Hill — Company
I Heard Someone Crying — Lily, Mary. Archibald
If I Had A Fine White Horse — Martha, Mary
A Girl in the Valley — Archibald, Lily
It's a Maze — Mary, Ben, Dickon
Winter's on the Wing — Dickon
Show Me the Key — Mary, Dickon
A Bit of Earth — Archibald, Mary
Storm I — Company
Lily's Eyes — Archibald, Neville
Storm II — Mary, Company
Round-Shouldered Man — Colin, Mary
Final Storm — Mary, Company

Act II
The Girl I Mean to Be — Mary
Quartet — Archibald, Lily, Neville, Rose
Race You to the Top of the Morning — Archibald
Wick — Dickon with Mary
Come to My Garden — Lily
Lift Me Up — Colin
Come Spirit, Come Charm — Mary, Dickon, Martha, Lily, Fakir, Company
A Bit of Earth (Reprise) — Lily, Rose, Albert
Disappear — Neville
Hold On — Martha, Mary
Letter Song — Archibald, Mary, Martha
Where in the World — Archibald
How Could I Ever Know — Archibald, Lily
Finale — Company

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