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1 School peut-être considéré comme un Flop musical


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1.A Prince for Cinderella
2.What a Lovely Afternoon
3.We're Men of the World
4.Beautiful and Rare
5.Bull or Cow
6.Teach Them Latin
7.Mignotte and Marigold
8.The Examination
9.Muriel, St. Muriel
10.The Blanc Mange Waltz
12.Far from the City
13.Can a Shadow Say Goodbye?
14.I Hang on You Lips
15.Places and Faces and People I Love
16.Every Day's the Day
17.The Letter Song
18.Handsome Stranger
19.Call me a Cynic

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Fascinating flop...
When Eleanor Drew left Salad Days (her place taken by Virginia Vernon) she played Naomi Tighe in School, an adaptation of T. W. Robertson's play, at Birmingham repertory Theatre in 1957. When the production transferred to the Princes Theatre in March 1958, Jack Hylton billed her (below the title) as the show's star, but it seemed a nominal gesture. School's composer, Christopher Whelen, remembers that 'the London production was hideous', but Drew attracted good notices or singing 'The Letter Song'. There was another solo, 'Handsome Stranger' and a duet with Michael Blakemore 'I Hang On Your Lips'. Some of the numbers from School were seen on TV, but the score was not recorded. The show had feeble reviews and shut up shop after 22 performances.


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