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Ruthless! The Musical tells the story of the beautiful and talented 8 year old Tina Denmark who will do anything to play the lead in her school play… ANYTHING!

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Act I
Prologue – Orchestra, Sylvia
Tina's Mother – Judy
Born To Entertain – Tina
Talent – Sylvia
To Play This Part – Tina
Teaching Third Grade – Miss Thorn
Where Tina Gets It From – Judy, Sylvia
The Pippi Song – Louise
Kisses And Hugs – Tina, Judy
Teaching Third Grade (Reprise) – Miss Thorn
Talent (Reprise #1) – Sylvia
I Hate Musicals – Lita
Angel Mom – Judy, Tina

Act II
Entr'acte/Montage – Orchestra, Judy, Tina
A Penthouse Apartment – Eve
It Will Never Be That Way Again – Ginger
I Want the Girl – Sylvia
Parents And Children – Ginger, Tina
Ruthless! – Ginger, Sylvia, Tina
Talent (Reprise #2) – Tina
Ruthless! (Reprise) – Company
Unkie's Muncle – (performed by Bernadette Peters and used as a recording in the production)(Based on the 1994 Los Angeles cast recording)

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