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The story opens in a South London brothel where the Madam, Desdemona, treats her staff with cruel disdain and is fanatical about keeping the place clean, tidy and disinfected. To mark her daughter Sugar’s 13 th birthday she forces her to have sex with one of the seedier clients, after which Sugar runs away, living on the streets of Brixton. She has left a world of prostitutes, drugs and kinky sex and exchanged it for a world of the homeless and despairing. However, she meets Rem, a young, kick-boxing corner-shop shelf-stacker who is undoubtedly a good man, and who offers her the hope of escape.

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Possibly this was intended as a “Jerry Springer” type satire (the lyrics included lines like “penetration is cruel when you’re just out of school” and “It sucks when you have to pay, ’Cos you’re fat, masochistic or gay”) but it failed to raise a laugh with the critics. In spite of some stirring gospel and effective comedy songs, it was generally described as tasteless, woefully ill-conceived, disastrously misjudged and seriously offensive. On the other hand, a minority of supporters claimed it was based on real-life events and was a story that needed to be told.


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You Belong to Me
My Body is My Own
The Viper’s Tail
This House is Clean

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