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PETER PAN - A Musical Adventure first saw light of day in Denmark, at the International Musical Of The Year in 1996, where it won two top awards for Best Song (WHEN I KILL PETER PAN performed by the late Denis Quilley) and The Orchestra's Award (chosen by the orchestra who performed the short-listed works).

In 1999 it was seen in a full production at Det Ny Teater in Copenhagen, performed in Danish.

Under the direction of Julia McKenzie and Jonathan Butterell a staged concert, with the BBC Symphony Orchestra, was produced as a one-off event at the Royal Festival Hall in 2001 - which was broadcast on BBC Radio 3 - starring John Thaw as Captain Hook, Joe MacFaddden as Peter Pan, Jenna Russell as Mrs Darling, and Sheila Hancock as the Storyteller.
The performance also boasted a first in that Wendy, Michael and John were played by three real-life siblings, Laura Michelle Kelly and her brothers Jorim and Nathan.

A fuller semi-staged version, with the London Symphony Orchestra, was mounted at the Royal Festival Hall over Christmas 2002 starring Richard Wilson and James Gillan, with Suzannah York as the Storyteller and Lottie Meyer as Wendy.

That same winter it was also seen for the first time in the USA, at the Prince Theatre in Philadelphia.

Sadly bookwriter, Willis Hall, died in March 2005, aged 75.

The show received it`s first fully-staged British production at Birmingham Repertory Theatre in December 2007, where it was directed by Rachel Kavanaugh, designed by Peter McKintosh and choreographed by Jenny Arnold.
The cast included David Birrell as Captain Hook, Peter Caulfield as Peter Pan, Gay Soper as the Storyteller and Gina Beck as Wendy.
This version was revived for Christmas 2008 at the West Yorkshire Playhouse, where David Birrell reprised his role as Hook and James Gillan, Amy Lennox and Alwyne Taylor assumed the roles of Peter Pan, Wendy and the Storyteller, with Martin Callaghan as Smee. It is this cast that have now been immortalised on the CD recording.



Liste des chansons

Act One
1. " There's Something in the Air Tonight" - Storyteller, Mr Darling, Londoners
2. "Just Beyond the Stars" - Mrs. Darling
3. "Tinker Bell and Peter Pan's Arrival" - Orchestra
4. "Never Land" - Peter Pan, Wendy, John and Michael
5. "The Lost Boys Gang" - The Lost Boys
6. "Good Old Captain Hook" - Pirates
7. "Build a House" - Peter Pan and The Lost Boys
8. "The Cleverness of Me" - Peter Pan and Wendy
9. "Crocodile/Tiger Lily/Siren Song" - Tiger Lily and Mermaids
10. "When I Kill Peter Pan" - Captain Hook and Pirates

Act Two
11. "Look Back Through a Rose-Tinted Eye Patch" - Smee, Captain Hook and Pirates
12. "Just Beyond the Stars (Reprise)" - Wendy
13. "One Big Adventure" - Peter Pan and Wendy
14. "The Cleverness of Me (Reprise)" - Peter Pan
15. "When I Kill Peter Pan/Good Old Captain Hook (Reprise)" - Captain Hook and Pirates
16. "One Big Adventure (Reprise)" - Peter Pan
17. "A Pirate with a Conscience" - Captain Hook, Smee and Pirates
18. "Never Land (Reprise)" - John, Michael, Wendy and The Lost Boys
19. "The Fight" - Captain Hook, Peter Pan, Wendy, John, Michael, Pirates and Lost Boys
20. "Just Beyond the Stars (Reprise 2)" - Storyteller and Mrs. Darling
21. "There's Always Tomorrow" - Peter Pan and Londoners

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