It was written and produced for the Liverpool '08 Capital of Culture celebrations and featured a professional cast of principals and an ensemble from the Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts.

Généralités: Histoire, thèmes et particularités


1930’s Liverpool, and the glitz and glamour of Hollywood pour off the luxury liners for their first taste of England; a night in the city’s most fashionable hotel. Amidst the chaos and decadence, no-nonsense Alice from Reception has fallen for the dashing Thompson from accounts - but fate, Hollywood, World War Two and a dizzying array of staff and guests intervene in an epic Liverpool love story spanning sixty years.

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Adelphi won the 2008 TMA Award for Best Musical Production and was nominated for Best Regional Production at the 2009 WhatsOnStage Awards. A section of the show was performed at the awards ceremony at the Prince of Wales Theatre on Sunday 15 February 2009. The section starred Julie Atherton as Young Alice and Tom Oakley as Thompson, supported by an ensemble of final year students from Arts Ed school in London. It was choreographed by Andrew Wright and conducted by Mark Collins.
The show also received a West End showcase at the Trafalgar Studios in November 2008 conducted by Elliot Davis.
The show received a full staging in London's Union Theatre in March 2010



Liste des chansons

Act I
"Somebody on the Roof" - Jo, Neil and Company
"Thompson" - Alice and Company
"Once in a Lifetime" - Lord Rothmore, Young Alice, Thompson and Company
"First Romances" - Thompson's Mum
"Show Tune" - Thompson and Company
"Rats" - Thompson and Company
"A Wedding and a Yacht" - Babs, Maids, Movie Stars and Reporters
"Yippee Ai Eh!" - Roy Rodgers and Babs
"Tell Her" - Thompson, Babs, Young Alice, Fritz
"Once in a Lifetime (Reprise)" -Thompson, Babs, Young Alice, Fritz, Roy

Act II
"Thompson from Accounts" - Young Alice, Alice, Thompson and Company
"Tell Them" - Babs and Thompson
"Dance for me Boy" - Delores Gilmore
"The Next Ten Seconds" - Young Alice
"Somehow" - Neil
"Take a Moment" - Older Thompson
"Just Fine" - Young Alice, Alice and Company
"Dance for Me/Boogey Woogey Dance Routine" - Company
"Tell Him" - Alice and Thompson
"Finale" - Company

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