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A traditional musical revue in the vein of Vaudeville and high-camp American musical theater, Naked Boys Singing celebrates the splendors of male nudity through comedy, song and dance. The show's 16 musical numbers range from the screamingly funny to poignant and moving material.

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What’s Naked Boys Singing Like?
If the idea of meeting the cast of a show completely naked within the first few minutes sounds good, it’s a lot of fun! It should also be noted that although there are gay themes throughout, the show has become popular with non-gays who like nudity as well. In fact, many bachelorette parties swing by for a giggle before the big day.

Is Naked Boys Singing for Kids?
Um, no.


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“Naked Boys Singing” is an off- Broadway phenomenon. It opened on July 22 nd 1999 at the Actors Playhouse, and finally closed on January 28 th 2012 after 3,069 performances, continuing to draw equally gay and straight crowds. It is off-Broadway’s longest running musical next to “The Fantasticks”, and has been a worldwide hit with productions all over the USA and in Canada, Brazil, Italy, Australia, Norway and South Africa.



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