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The musical is based on the life story of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Mozart strives to free himself from his controlling, though loving father and from his patron and the European patronage system in order to develop as a musician and an independent person. His artistic nature makes him an easy victim of lies, plots and temptations. The musical explores Mozart's relationships with his patron, his sister Nannerl, the Weber family and his beloved Constanze.
The musical is a drama about growing pains. Because Leopold Mozart had promoted his son as a perfect child prodigy, Mozart struggles against the spectre of his own childhood image, the little genius Amadé, throughout his life. Two facets of Mozart are illustrated, with separate actors portraying them: The child prodigy, Amadé, the "Porcelain child" (the nickname refers to the overdecorated Rococo porcelain figures) demonically driven to compose incessantly; and the adult Wolfgang, playing cards, drinking, loving, dreaming and trying to break the bonds of convention. The musical uses Mozart's music to underscore the depiction of the the boy genius, and contemporary music for the adult Wolfgang.


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