Abandoned by her mother, married five times, a baronet's mistress, a plantation owner and a professional thief… Moll Flanders is a woman to watch.
This is her adventure story from rags to riches, from Colchester to the USA.

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Acknowledging at the outset that “ a single woman in this society is as useful as a single shoe in a wardrobe”, Moll Flanders goes her merry way to the gallows by way of incest, betrayal, the Atlantic ocean, and, at one inadvertent moment, marriage to one of her own brothers.

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The music was primarily the songs from “Beggar’s Opera” given new arrangements and new words, and with the odd gesture towards Handel and Purcell.


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Based on the novel by Daniel Defoe and the play by Claire Luckham.



Liste des chansons

1.Let Us Tell A Tale
2. Lullaby
3. A Baby
4. Moll's Prayer
5. Portrait Song
6. The Seduction
7. Her Love Made Her Rich
8. The Masque
9. The Mint
10. The Life Of A Sailor
11. Lapdogs
12. Sailing To Virginia
13. Act 1 Finale: Never Look Back
14. Bath Promenade/Frail Man, Beware!
15. Frail Man, Rejoice!
16. Mr. Honest/Fits And Starts
17. Ride
18. The Hour Is Late
19. Mr. Honest (Reprise)/Honest's Death
20. Damn, Damn, Damn!
21. Stolen
22. I Shall Work Alone
23. Hang, Hang, Hang!
24. Child Of Newgate
25. Act II Finale: The Hour Was Late/The Lovebirds Fly

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