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‘What can you say about a twenty-five year old girl who died? That she was beautiful and brilliant. That she loved Mozart and Bach. The Beatles. And me.’ Inspired by Erich Segal’s best-selling iconic novel, this is a brand new musical version of Love Story, also one of the most romantic films of all time. Oliver Barrett IV went to Harvard and Jenny Cavilleri to Radcliffe. He was rich, she was poor. He was sporty, she played music. But they fell in love. This is their story. Their romance is as poignant as it is enriching, as sweet as it is intense. Love Story will win your heart. And it might just break it.

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The reviewer of the Chichester Festival Theatre production wrote in indielondon.co.uk: "Stephen Clark has adapted the story into a succession of short scenes which, under Rachel Kavanaugh’s adept direction, follow on cohesively and coherently resulting in a believable and very poignant evening. Howard Goodall’s songs are integral to the action and they are beautifully performed by the principals and a chorus comprising of [sic] the rest of the cast...the two principals, Oliver (Michael Xavier) and Jenny (Emma Williams)...give superb and utterly sincere performances."

In its review roundup of the musical at the Chichester Festival Theatre, theatremania.com noted the reviews "praising Goodall's score, Kavanaugh's staging and the central performances from Xavier and Williams."

Chichester Festival Theatre production review: "Howard Goodall and Stephen Clark have created a terrific new musical...The show finished to a chorus of heavy sniffles, superseded by hearty applause, which I take to mean a West End transfer should be given".

The reviewer of the West End production at the Duchess Theatre for Whatsonstage.com wrote: "Goodall’s music...is always interesting, often beautiful.... The framing epitaph is lovely writing, too.... Rachel Kavanaugh’s austere production on an all-white design by Peter McKintosh – whose three Corinthian pillars somehow conjure Pearl and Dean as readily as pearly gates – transfers well from the Minerva in Chichester.... This is a high-calibre chamber musical, all right, with a top skill factor in both writing and onstage musicianship (piano, guitar and string quintet); then just when it’s nearly enough, it plummets into bathos and easily resistible, tear-jerking manipulation."


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"What Can You Say?" — Company
"Jenny's Piano Song" — Jenny
"Winter's Night" — Oliver, Jenny & Company
"Jenny's Piano Song" (Reprise) — Jenny
"The Recital" — Oliver & Company
"What Happens Now?" — Oliver & Jenny
"Nocturnes (Pre-Echo)" — Jenny
"Phil's Piano Song" — Phil
"Summer's Day" — Phil, Jenny, Oliver & Company
"Pasta" — Jenny & Oliver
"Everything We Know" — Oliver & Jenny
"The Tide Has Turned" — Jenny, Oliver & Company
"Nocturnes" — Jenny
"Everything We Know" (Reprise) — Jenny & Oliver
"What Can You Say" (Reprise) — Company
"Clapping Symphony" — Orchestra

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