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Arthur Price, of the Price family in Stratford-upon-Avon, is digging in the garden when he discovers a priceless object - the lost manuscript of a musical written by William Shakespeare. It was possibly written while Shakespeare was drunk, but nevertheless, it is a worthy of production. Arthur disguises himself as a wealthy sultan, the Oblong of Skance, in order to persuade rich Aunt Agatha to come up with some money. When the real Oblong turns up the money problem is solved, and a cast is engaged: Frankie Duval from the Folies Bergère, Freddie Foster, an American crooner, and Jack & Sally as a romantic young couple. But before opening night all the performers walk out because of Aunt Agatha’s rudeness in rehearsals - leaving Arthur to go on single-handedly as scenery builder, wardrobe mistress and star of the show


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What Time Do They Open?
Oh What an Ignorant Lot
Memroy Lane
The Promise in Your Eyes
Baghdad Daddy
One Romance
As For You
You’re as Young as you Feel
The Ides of March
I’m Telling Thee
The Maku and the Monkey Ballet

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