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Set at the beginning of time, along Africa’s Limpopo River, the Eldest Magician created a world full of beasts, birds and fish. Everything was just so, until Pau Amma the Crab began playing with the ocean, causing a flood that threatened the other animals. To stop the crab, the Elephant’s Child must embark on a quest down the Limpopo River. With the help of the Kolokolo Bird they discover a world of weird and wonderful creatures and learn how the leopard got his spots, how the rhinoceros got his skin, and how curiosity and a hungry crocodile can turn an elephant’s small nose into a very large trunk.

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JUST SO won the first ever Vivian Ellis Prize for young musical writers in 1985 and was subsequently acquired by Cameron Mackintosh, who has overseen it's development. The show had it's first professional try-out at the Watermill Theatre in Newbury, England in May 1989 as a co-production with Cameron, directed by Julia McKenzie.

The show received an off-West End production in 1990 at the Tricycle Theatre, directed by Mike Ockrent. The production was nominated for "Best Musical" and "Most Promising Newcomers" at the 1990 London Drama Critics Awards, and was then optioned by Steven Spielberg for feature animation (a project which was sadly lost between the cracks when Amblimation became a part of Dreamworks SKG.)

In 1998 a reworked version of JUST SO had its American try-out at the Goodspeed's Norma Terris Theatre in Connecticut. North Shore Music Theatre in Beverly, MA presented JUST SO in June 2001 with direction by writer Anthony Drewe.



Liste des chansons

Just So
Another Tempest
There's No Harm In Asking
Silly Questions
The Limpopo River
Living On This Island
Thick Skin
The Parsee Cake-Walk
The Chase
We Want To Take The Ladies Out
Pick Up Your Hooves
Jungle Light/Just So (reprise)
Act One Finale/ The Limpopo River (reprise)
The Argument
Wait A Bit
Aboriginally I
Leaps and Bounds
Does The Moment Ever Come?
Please Don't Touch My Stove
Little One Come Hither
Just So/The Limpopo River (reprise)

Liste des rôles

Main Characters:
Elephant's Child: a generally kind-hearted, curious elephant who can often be a little reckless.
Kolokolo Bird: Elephant's Child's reluctant and cynical guide; a bird that is too afraid to fly.
Eldest Magician: Both a character and the Narrator, the Eldest Magician tells the story to the audience and interacts with the characters on their journeys, acting as a God-like figure.

Secondary Characters (In Order of Appearance):
Elephants:Are not at all curious, and shun the Elephant's d for asking such 'silly questions'
King Elephant: The king of the herd
Queen Elephant: The queen of the herd
Parsee Man: An Indian man who is a French chef and lives on an island with only a cooking stove for company.
Cooking Stove: The Parsee Man's most beloved possession.
Rhino: A lazy, messy, creature with tight skin
Ingredients: The Parsee Man's ingredients, very fun characters
Giraffe: Zebra's friend, more open minded than Zebra
Zebra: A diva, Giraffe's best friend
Wildebeests: Rather uninteresting, they are the Giraffe and Zebra's friends, but the Giraffe and Zebra aren't theirs.
Jaguar: The smarter member of the Leopard/Jaguar duo
Leopard: The idiot member of the Leopard/Jaguar duo
Kangaroo: A humble creature, with huge legs. Used to be vain
Dingo Dog: The wild dog sent to chase Kangaroo
Wallabies: The supporters, cheerleaders, and fangirls of both Kangaroo and Dingo Dog.
Crocodile: the Crocodile lives in the Limpopo and is a very shady character.
Pau Amma the Crab: A giant crab, who plays with the sea, the shows antagonist.

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