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This covers 24 hours in the life of the cabin-crew on Go- Fly Airways from Heathrow to New York . Jim is the pilot, with newly qualified Paul as co-pilot. The purser, Nicola, with her fixed smile, is torn between her boyfriend back home and her career. The other girls are nervous newcomer Melanie, the fiery, man-eating Julia, who can’t wait to eat Jim, the pilot, once they’re airborne, and Haley from the Welsh valleys, desperate not to be left on the shelf. The two male flight attendants (gay – obviously!), are beefcake hunk Richard and mincing queen Ryan. Ryan has the hots for Richard, but the latter is more interested in the dishy Italian guy sitting in 26C.

Quelques commentaires

First presented on the Edinburgh Fringe in August 2008, where the show developed a cult following with its kitsch pastiche and camp pun-filled dialogue. From the very opening with the company in purple and orange uniforms tap-dancing their way through the Safety Procedures, it was clear the reaction would be split – those who would scream along with the camp, and those who would make for the nearest emergency exit. The critics were neatly divided.


Historique du musical

Génèse du musical

Jet Set Go! premiered at the 2008 Edinburgh Festival Fringe at George Square Theatre under the inaugural ‘Musicals at George Square’ season, directed by Luke Sheppard. The production subsequently transferred to Theatre 503 in London, where the run sold out in advance of opening night.

The musical was revived in 2009 at Jermyn Street Theatre with a new cast including Mark Evans and Tim Driesen and a new design by Mike Lees. It ran for 3 sell-out weeks and received Time Out Critics' Choice.



Liste des chansons

"Welcome Aboard" - Company
"What Do You Actually Do?" - Hayley, Melanie, Ryan, Julia
"The Pilot Song" - Jim with Paul, Melanie and Julia
"24 Things in 24 Hours" - Company
"You Drive Me Crazy" - Richard and Ryan
"Dance with Me" - Paul with Melanie
"If I Could Find a Boy" - Richard
"Salsa" - Julia
"Cabin Fever" - Nicola with Company ‡
"If I Could a Boy (reprise)" - Ryan
"Going Home" - Nicola with Hayley
"Dance with Me (reprise)" - Paul
"A Simple Valley Song" - Hayley
"Finale" - Company
‡ Cabin Fever was written for the 2009 production at Jermyn Street Theatre, and remains in the published version.

Liste des rôles

The Cabin Crew:
Nicola : The head stewardess, friendly but firm.
Hayley : The Welsh stewardess, bubbly and energetic.
Melanie : The new stewardess, eager to please but nervous.
Julia : The Puerto Rican stewardess, fiery and highly-sexed.
Ryan : The camp steward, catty but good fun.
Richard : The straight-acting gay steward, caring and thoughtful.

The Pilots:
Jim : The Captain, cocky but loveable.
Paul : His First Officer, sweet natured but bumbling.

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