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Peace Corps volunteer, hygiene teacher "Sally Hopwinder", is stationed in a fictional nation, "D'hum" with decent living conditions. She concocts a plan to obtain U.S. aid for D'hum by convincing the Pentagon that Russia is about to invade it.


1 Hot Spot peut-être considéré comme un Flop musical


Historique du musical

Génèse du musical

Hot Spot began out-of-town try-outs on February 11, 1963 at the National Theater, Washington, D.C.,[2] and on February 28 at the Shubert Theatre, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

The musical premiered on Broadway at the Majestic Theater on April 19, 1963 and closed on May 25, 1963 after 43 performances and 5 previews. (Although reporting 5 "official" previews, according to The New York Times, "the musical expects to run up 36 [previews] at the Majestic by the time it opens".) Scenic and costume design was by Rouben Ter-Arutunian, and lighting design by John Harvey. At least five directors worked on the show: the original director was Morton DaCosta, followed by Martin Charnin, Robert Fryer, Richard Quine, Arthur Laurents, and Herbert Ross. The original choreographer was Onna White. There was no credit given to either director or choreographer, although the New York Times review credits read "staged by Herbert Ross".

Stephen Sondheim, a friend of Rodgers, was brought onto the creative team, resulting in the show's opening and closing number, "Don't Laugh" and the song "That's Good, That's Bad".

The cast starred Judy Holliday and included Conrad Bain, Joe Bova, Joseph Campanella, Mary Louise Wilson, Carmen De Lavallade, and George Furth. This marked Judy Holliday's final stage performance. (She was quoted as saying "You can only live through one or two Hot Spots in your life.")

One of Broadway's most well-known flops, it had 58 "preview" performances, setting a record by cancelling its official opening four times, and then running for only 43 "official" performances. According to Steven Suskin, "it was one of those big-budget, big-advance-sale bonanzas which go wrong and turn into highly public busts." According to the review in Billboard, "Predictions of failure preceeded the show and these were confirmed when the New York Critics Circle passed a unanimous negative judgement."



Liste des chansons

Act 1
Don't Laugh - Sally Hopwinder
Don't Laugh (Reprise) - Sally Hopwinder and Peace Corps
Welcome - D'humians
This Little Yankee - Gabrel Snapper
Smiles - Sally Hopwinder, Deva, Minister of State, Howard Mason, Rami and Members of the Ensemble
A Little Trouble - Sally Hopwinder, Shim, The Nadir of D'hum and D'humians
You'd Like Nebraska - Vernon Breen and Iram
Hey Love - Sally Hopwinder
I Had Two Dregs - Sally Hopwinder, Shim, Sumner Tubb, Sr. and D'humians
Rich, Rich, Rich - Shim, Sue Ann, Peace Corps and D'humians

Act 2
That's Good-That's Bad - Sally Hopwinder
I Think the World of You - Sue Ann and Shim
Gabie - Sally Hopwinder
A Matter of Time - Gabrel Snapper and Sally Hopwinder
Gabie (Reprise) - Gabrel Snapper
Big Meeting Tonight - Rami, Grobanykov and Ensemble
A Far, Far Better Way - Sally Hopwinder
Don't Laugh (Reprise) - Sally Hopwinder, Gabrel Snapper and Ensemble

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