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John Tallentire, a Cumbrian hired journeyman with a love for the land, and his wife, Emily settle in the poor circumstances of their surroundings until Emily's yearning for a more exciting life leads her into an indiscretion with the dashing young Jackson Pennington. John gives up his beloved land to take her to the city. He exchanges his plough for a miner's pick and shovel, and the open-air for the darkness of the pit. The war, the death of their son, and then Emily's death intervene before John can finally return to the land.

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Crossbridge Dance
Fade Away
Farewell Song
Fill It To the Top
Get Up and Go Lad
Hear Your Voice
I Wouldn't Be the First
If I Could
It's All Right For You
Men Of Stone
No Choir of Angels
Now For the First Time
The Song of the HIred Man
War Song
So Tell You Children
What A Fool I've Been
What Would You Say To Your Son?
Who Will You Marry Then?
Work Song
You Never See the Sun

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