This is one Royal Wedding you won’t want to miss!

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Life is #totes #amaze for East End girl Chelsea. As the media obsesses about the secret identity of Prince Albert, who has lived in anonymity for 25 years, Chelsea's already found her prince. Bertie's never going to win Mastermind, but he won Chelsea's heart the moment their eyes met at catering college over a trout. But when Bertie has something big to tell her, it's not a ring he has in store... it's a crown. And as Chelsea's about to discover, travelling from Barking to Buckingham Palace is going to take more than a topped-up Oyster card…

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First written in 2015 as a commission by Iris Theatre’s Workin Process scheme, and now freshly re-imagined, H.R.Haitch comes to the Union Theatre this May in its first fully-staged production.



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