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Glamorous Jenny is the veteran queen of the TV soap opera “Victoria Square” but the ratings are falling, so the producers, trying to save the show, bring in Sophie, a sexy, snobbish new girl. The rest of the cast includes Josh, the on-screen heart-throb and off- screen womaniser who plays Jenny’s brother; Alfie, a lovable straight guy in the soap but obviously gay in real-life; and Chip, the soap’s teenage lead, who has been in the soap ever since he was in nappies and who has a secret crush on Emily, the make-up girl. Jenny is secretly dating Josh – something the Press must never find out – but since Sophie doesn’t know this, she makes a pass at him, and all hell is let loose both in the show and in real-life.

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Jake Brunger and Pippa Cleary, who met at Bristol University, where they were studying Drama and Music respectively, had already made their mark earlier this year with “Jet Set Go”, and now they did it again just six months later. The reviews described “The Great British Soap Opera” as a “fabulously funny musical”, whose witty book and lyrics tell the stories of the stars themselves and our obsession with fame and soaps. There was praise for each of the songs, and delight that the dialogue even included the immortal line “Get out of my pub!” Its two week run in London was very successful.


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