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D'après l'œuvre d'Aristophane (405 av JC).

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Sondheim had not yet written his setting of "Fear No More" at the time of the original production at Yale. It was first performed in the 1975 production at the Great Lakes Shakespeare Festival.
The playbill for the premiere production at Yale contained the following credit: "The words of William Shakespeare and Bernard Shaw have been selected and arranged from their works by Michael Feingold." By the next production—in 1975 at the Great Lakes Shakespeare Festival—Feingold was no longer credited. Instead, Jo Durden-Smith was credited. We don't have a playbill from that production to provide the precise wording of the credit, but in the script published by The Dramatic Publishing Company in 1975, it said " .. the words of William Shakespeare and Bernard Shaw have been selected from their works by Jo Durden-Smith." That script seems to have been based on the revised text produced at Great Lakes.
In the 1980s, Dodd, Mead & Company published the script in a volume also containing A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum. In that edition, Feingold was credited on the page that listed the credits for the original Yale production. Durden-Smith was nowhere credited.
The selections did, in fact, change considerably between the Yale production and the published script (although there was some overlap). The script is essentially the same in both published editions.


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