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Set in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, the show revolves around 18 year old Alex, a female apprentice welder by day and ‘flashdancer’ by night. Her Mom wants her to audition for the local ballet school, but insecure Alex can’t bear the snobby ballet types. Things get worse when her rich boyfriend, Nick, tries to buy her way into the Dance Academy, and her dreams of attending the prestigious Shipley Dance Academy. The show attempts a grittier sub-plot involving the closure of the steel mill, drug abuse in the form of coked-up dancer Gloria, a rival dance club run by the seedy Dr Kool and the sudden death of Alex’s mother, but with friendly support from fellow-dancers Keisha and Jasmine Alex will finally realise all her dreams, professionally and personally.


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Act I
Working Man's Orchestra - Company
Steeltown Sky - Alex and Company
Up In Smoke -Hannah and Alex.
In Touch With The Beat - Keisha, Jazmin, Gloria and Alex
High Art - Alex and Company
Maniac - Keisha, Jazmin and Gloria
The Long Way Home - Gloria
Totally Different People- Alex, Sammy, Abe, Joe and Hannah
Manhunt - Keisha, Jazmin and Gloria
Don't Stop - Nick and Alex
Don't Stop (Reprise)- Alex
My Next Step - Alex, Jimmy, Jazmin, Keisha and Company

Act Two
Working Man's Orchestra - Company
New Economy - Dr Kool, CC, Jimmy, Nick and William Hurley
You Can't Keep Me Down - Jimmy and Company
You're Not Done - Hannah and Alex
I Love Rock and Roll - played on radio
Gloria - Keisha and Jazmin
Don't Stop (Reprise) - Alex
In Touch With The Beat (Reprise)- Keisha
What A Feeling - Keisha, Jazmin and Gloria

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Differences Between stage and film
In the film Hannah is an old woman to which Alex has no blood relation, in the show Hannah is Alex's mother.
The film's characters Jeanie and Tina Tech have been combined to create Gloria.
Instead of The Zanzibar being a strip club it's now a club with no nudity - just pole dancing.
The character of Richie Blazik is cut and the character Jimmy Kaminsky is substituted, however the two characters have very little in common.
The substory in which Alex and Nick break up because Alex believes he's cheating on her is missing from the stage show.
All the "Flashdancer's" solos are cut, minus Alex's famous chair dance. However this is moved to the end of act one for ease of changing and clean up.
In the film Hannah dies of old age, in the stage show she is shot when Jimmy Kamisky holds up her laundrette in need of drug money.
Songs from the film that are used in the show are used in a different context. For instance Manhunt is no longer used for a solo dance piece it is sung over a montage of Nick and Alex on a series of dates. Another Example is Gloria. In the film this is used during Jeanie's ice skating solo, however in the show it is used when Gloria performs in the strip club. However "What A Feeling" is still used for Alex's audition.
In the film Nick convinces Alex to go to her audition, in the stage show her friends convince her and accompany her to the audition.


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