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An actor husband, jealous of his actress wife, suspects she is on the verge of an affair. So, disguising himself as her adoring guardsman fan, he woos her. She succumbs to his advances and they go to bed together ... but, is she unaware of the masquerade? Or has she seen through the disguise? The action is enlivened by backstage bickerings between husband and wife, a romantically inclined dresser, gay technical staff, and an in-house middle-aged playwright who is attracted to both the husband and the wife, and is a note-taking voyeur throughout the action.


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01. Overture
02. Tonight Was Like The First Night - The Company
03. Chopin - Actor/Playwright
04. My One Great Love - Actress
05. The Language Of Flowers - Wigs, Wardrobe,ASM
06. Drama - Playwright, Dresser
07. The Actor's Fantasy - Actor,Playwright
08. You Have The Ring - Dresser,Actress
09. Enter The Guardsman - The Company
10. True To Me - Actor,Guardsman
11. Entr'acte
12. She's A Little Off - Wigs,Wardrobe,ASM,Actress
13. I Can't Go On - Actor,Actress,Playwright
14. Waiting In The Wings - Dresser
15. My One Great Love (reprise) - Actress,Guardsman
16. They Die - Playwright
17. The Long Run - Dresser, Wigs, Wardrobe, ASM
18. Tonight Was Like The First Night (reprise) - Actress,Actor
19. Art Imitating Life - Playwright

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