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The comedy tells the story of two permanently arguing opponents: the pastor Don Camillo and the mayor Peppone. The year is 1947, traditional values are confronted with the ideals of the social revolution. Not even Jesus can placate the angry pastor. And so the brawlers line up against each other and split the villagers into two camps: one cunning and eloquent, the other stubborn and unyielding.
Only a young couple in love really gets people to change their views. Gina, the daughter of a landowner, is in love with the penniless Mariolino. It is the classic Romeo and Juliet story: Two hostile families try everything they can to prevent their children getting together - but in vain. The wedding of Gina and Mariolino may not end all the discord in the village, but it does become a festival of tolerance celebrated by all the residents.


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