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The young milliner, Jeanne, quarrels with the hat-shop owner, Madame Labille, and, unemployed, has to rely on her poet-lover, René Lavallery, for financial support. However, the Comte Dubarry entices her away from the poet’s garret to the Maison Dubarry. Even higher “honours” are on offer, for the Maréchale de France, makes it clear the King is very interested in Jeanne, the “Madame Dubarry”, and is willing to pay the Comte’s debts for a consideration. The Comte is only too ready to make a deal - it seems there are many pimps and procurers at the court of Louis Quinze - and the upshot of it all is, of course, that Madame Dubarry becomes the uncrowned Queen of France.

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A radically new version of "Gräphin Dubarry", in nine scenes under the title "Die Dubarry", was prepared by Theo Mackeben with music from the original Gräfin Dubarry as well as other works, and a new text was written by Paul Knepler, Ignaz Michael Welleminsky and E. M. Cremer. This was first given at the Admiralspalast in Berlin on 14 August 1931. According to Andrew Lamb, this introduced "alien structures and orchestration" compared with the original


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