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A sheriff who would prefer not to shoot a gun is compelled to use one by a criminal on the loose in the vice-ridden Western town he’s sent to run, in Harold Rome and Leonard Gershe’s musical adaptation of the much-filmed story.


Historique du musical


The plot was loosely based on a story by Max Brand. The song made famous by Marlene Dietrich in the film, "See What The Boys in the Back Room Will Have", was not used in the stage production.

Génèse du musical

The show opened on Broadway at the Imperial Theatre on February 23, 1959 and closed on June 18, 1960 after 472 performances. Michael Kidd was the director and choreograper. The cast starred Andy Griffith as Destry and Dolores Gray as Frenchy.



Liste des chansons

Act 1
Bottleneck - Patrons of the Last Chance Saloon
Ladies - Frenchy and Girls
Hoop-de-Dingle - Wash and Patrons of the Saloon
Tomorrow Morning - Destry
Ballad of the Gun - Destry and Wash
The Social - Townspeople, Gyp Watson, Bugs Watson and Rockwell
I Know Your Kind - Frenchy
I Hate Him - Frenchy
Paradise Alley - Cowboys and The Rose Lovely Girls
Anyone Would Love You - Destry and Frenchy
Once Knew a Fella - Destry, Wash and Friends
Every Once in a While - Gyp Watson, Bugs Watson, Rockwell, Cowboys and Saloon Girls
Fair Warning - Frenchy

Act 2
Are You Ready, Gyp Watson?- Friends of Gyp Watson
Not Guilty - The Jury
Only Time Will Tell - Destry
Respectability - Rose Lovejoy and Girls
That Ring on the Finger - Frenchy and Girls
Once Knew a Fella (Reprise) - Destry and Frenchy
I Say Hello - Frenchy

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1) 1959-04-Original Broadway Cast

2) 1982-09-Original London Cast

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