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Roberta Glass, trapped in a sexless marriage to Gary, a cheating Jacuzzi salesman, is fascinated with a woman she only knows about by reading messages to and from her in the Personals Section of a New York tabloid. When one message with the headline "Desperately Seeking Susan" proposes a rendezvous in Battery Park with the man who regularly seeks her, Roberta heads off to Manhattan in search of the exciting Susan herself. Things get complicated when, after buying Susan's jacket, Roberta is knocked unconscious. Awaking with amnesia, she assumes she is Susan, who is also being desperately sought by the mob. In a series of events Roberta goes from voyeur to participant in a farcical plot ostensibly about the search for a pair of stolen Egyptian earrings, but finally ends up happy in the arms of loving film- maker, Dez.


1 Desperately seeking Susan peut-être considéré comme un Flop musical


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Based on Leora Barish’s screenplay of the 1985 film version starring Madonna, the film was developed into a stage musical incorporating the pre- existing songs of Debbie Harry’s pop group, Blondie.



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