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The setting is the American Revolution-era "forests of Manhattan," at that point a burg far overshadowed by Philadelphia and the like. Menfolk are away fighting the Brits; Mrs. Robert Murray (Lois Saunders) leads the homefront sewing circle, but her younger, more hormonally oriented charges can't hardly stitch for thinking about those absent boys, boys, boys. It's mixed good fortune, then, that a group of British officers turns up to commandeer the house as its temporary headquarters. "Hooray! We're gonna be compromised," the girls enthuse. At first "beating a maidenly retreat," they all learn to flirt for freedom's sake when it turns out Yankee generals Washington and Putnam need the redcoats detained overnight so rebel forces can secretly gather. This subterfuge creates a wee dilemma for Mrs. Murray's niece, Betsy , who wants the colonies freed almost as much as she wants wooing from "enemy" Sir John Copeland .

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While this first collaboration of Rodgers and Hart basically conforms to the operetta style of the day, the score offers a hint of the sophistication the team would exhibit in their later joint efforts.


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Herbert Fields, Rodgers and Hart first took their musical to Herbert's father, Lew Fields, to produce, but he declined, thinking the Revolutionary War story would not be commercial. Ultimately George Ford, husband of Helen Ford, the star of the show, agreed to produce it. The musical had been variously described as an operetta and a genuine comic opera in the press.

The Broadway production opened on September 18, 1925 at the Knickerbocker Theatre, and closed on May 22, 1926, after 286 performances. Directed by John Murray Anderson, the cast included Flavia Arcaro as Mary, Helen Spring as Jane, John Seymour as Harry, Helen Ford as Betsy, Charles Purcell as Sir John, and H. E. Eldridge as Washington.

A television musical special featuring Cyril Ritchard, Anne Jeffreys, Robert Sterling, and Cornelia Otis Skinner as Mrs. Murray was broadcast on November 26, 1955. A cast recording of that broadcast was released on compact disc in 1997.



Liste des chansons

Act I
Heigh-Ho, Lackaday!
War is War
I Beg Your Pardon
Full Blown Roses
The Hermits
Here in My Arms
Tho' We've No Authentic Reason

Act II
I'd Like To Hide It
Where the Hudson River Flows
Bye and Bye
Old Enough to Love
Sweet Peter
Here's a Kiss

Here in My Arms (Reprise)

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