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1 Cyrano de Bergerac (Wildhorn) est une adaption à la scène d'une oeuvre littéraire</b>: "Cyrano de Bergerac" Edmond Rostand.


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Cyrano de Bergerac d'Edmond Rostand

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The show had its world premiere at the Nissay Theatre in Tokyo, Japan, from 5 through 28 May 2009. The production starred Takeshi Kaga (the original Japanese Jekyll & Hyde) in the title role, Hikaru Asami (Elisabeth) as Roxanne and Kenji Urai (Rudolf, Elisabeth) and Masataka Nakagauchi sharing the part of Christian. It had direction by Kazuya Yamada, music direction by Akihiro Shiota and choreography by Kiyomi Maeda. The lyric translations were provided by Kazuko Matsuoka, with the script translation by Machiko Ryuu. More information is available on the Fuji TV production site (in Japanese). This production also played at Umeda Arts Theater in Osaka, Japan, 3-7 June 2009, and reportedly toured the country.

There are also plans to bring Cyrano to the stage in Spain. Spanish singing star Raphael - who headlined the Spanish premiere of Jekyll & Hyde in 2000 - will star. A Spanish concept recording of the show featuring Raphael is in the works. A release date for the album and further details on the production have not been set, and will be forthcoming.



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