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The musical is based on the 1987 novel, by Roddy Doyle. Following the books adaption into a movie in 1991, Doyle turned down offers to turn the novel into a musical.
Officially confirmed on 19 April 2013, in Ireland, producers announced that the show would play the Palace Theatre, with tickets going on sale everywhere on 23 April. Despite initially looking to hire another writer to write the book for the musical, Doyle ended up writing the show himself. The show will be directed by Jamie Lloyd, with choreography by Ann Yee, set design by Soutra Gilmour, sound design by Rory Madden and lightning by Jon Clark. Ticket prices for the show began at £10, with all preview tickets half price.

West End (2013)
The Commitments began previews on 21 September 2013, at the Palace Theatre, London, before holding its official opening night on 8 October. On 20 August 2013, casting was announced with Denis Grindel playing Jimmy Rabbitte, Killian Donnelly playing Deco, Ben Fox playing Joey Fagan, Sean Kearns as Jimmy Rabbitte’s father and Sarah O’Connor, Stephanie McKeon and Jessica Cervi playing The Commitmentettes.



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