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Alternating between real life and "reel" life, this musical tells the tale of Stine, a young novelist, attempting a screenplay for movie producer/director, Buddy Fidler.

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City of Angels opened on Broadway at the Virginia Theatre on December 11, 1989 and closed on January 19, 1992 after 878 performances and 24 previews. It was directed by Michael Blakemore with sets designed by Robin Wagner and costumes by Florence Klotz.
While the show continued on Broadway, the Los Angeles company opened in June, 1991 at the Shubert Theater in Century City, running 6 months, with Stephen Bogardus as Stine, Lauren Mitchell as the villainess, and Randy Graff and James Naughton recreating their original roles. The production was revamped and embarked on a national tour, during which Barry Williams, of The Brady Bunch fame, took over the role of Stone. Jordan Leeds was chosen from the tour's ensemble to play Stine. The tour played venues from the Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center, Tampa, Florida in February 1992 to the National Theatre, Washington, DC in June 1992 to the Crouse-Hinds Concert Theatre, Syracuse, New York, in November 1992. The national tour closed in November 1992, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
The musical opened in London's West End at the Prince of Wales Theatre in March 1993 and ran until November 13, 1993. Blakemore again directed with Roger Allam as Stone and Martin Smith as Stine, with Henry Goodman as Buddy Fidler.
The theatre company Reprise! Broadway's Best production ran in January-February 2006 at Freud Playhouse, UCLA, Los Angeles. The cast featured Burke Moses (Stone), Vicki Lewis (Oolie), Tami Tappan Damiano (Gabby), and Stephen Bogardus (Stine).



Liste des chansons

Acte I
Prologue: Theme from City Of Angels
Double Talk – Stone and Alaura Kingsley
Double Talk – Buddy Fidler and Stine
What You Don't Know About Women – Gabby and Oolie
Ya Gotta Look Out For Yourself – Jimmy Powers and Angel City 4
The Buddy System – Buddy Fidler and Donna
With Every Breath I Take – Bobbi
The Niby Tennis Song – Stone and Alaura Kingsley
Ev'rybody's Gotta Be Somewhere – Stone and Angel City 4
Lost And Found – Mallory Kingsley
All Ya Have To Do Is Wait – Munoz, Yamato, Mahoney and Officer Pasco
You're Nothing Without Me – Stine and Stone

Acte II
Stay With Me – Jimmy Powers and Angel City
You Can Always Count On Me – Oolie
You Can Always Count On Me – Donna
Alaura's Theme-Orchestra & Chorus
It Needs Work – Gabby
L.A. Blues-Orchestra
With Every Breath I Take – Stone and Bobbi
Funny – Stine
I'm Nothing Without You – Stone, Stine and Gabby
Epilogue: Theme from City Of Angels
Double Talk Walk (Curtain Call)

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