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Lady Hadwell, the widow of an aristocrat is struggling to make ends meet by opening her home to the public. The youngest of her three daughters, Charlotte, known as "Charlie", is a tomboy. Their loyal assistant, Joe, is in love with Charlie. When he learns he has won a fortune on the football pools, he conceals the fact from his employers. In the meantime, her mother is hoping for an engagement between Charlie and an American millionaire. The most memorable moment of the show is when Charlie has to return her hired evening gown, and the rest of the guests at the ball also decide to cavort in their underwear.

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Bien qu'ayant triomphé à Londres, 7 années à l'Adelphi, le show ne sera jamais créé à Broadway!


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01 Overture; The Most Ancestral Home Of All
02. Bells Will Ring
03. What Would I Get From Being Married?
04. I Love Him, I Love Him
05. What's the Magic?
06. Let's Do a Deal
07. When I Hear Music, I Dance
08. Charlie Girl Waltz
09. The Party of a Lifetime
10. My Favourite Occupation
11. I Was Young
12. I 'Ates Money
13. Charlie Girl Waltz
14. Like Love
15. That's It
16. Washington
17. Fish 'n' Chips
18. Society Twist; You Never Know What You Can Do Until You Try
19. Finale (Charlie Girl) (Company)

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