Généralités: Histoire, thèmes et particularités


1 Calamity Jane s'intéresse à un personnage historique important: Calamity Jane.


Historique du musical


Based on the 1953 film starring Doris Day and the screenplay by James O'Hanlon.



Liste des chansons

Acte I
The Deadwood Stage
Careless With the Truth*
Everyone Complains About the Weather*
A Hive Full of Honey
I Can Do Without You
It's Harry I'm Planning to Marry
Windy City
Keep it Under Your Hat
Careless With the Truth (Reprise)*

Acte II
A Woman's Touch
Higher Than a Hawk
The Black Hills of Dakota
Love You Dearly*
Secret Love
Finale Ultimo

Songs specifically added for the stage musical are denoted with *

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Quelques remarques

The additional songs were also used in the original summer tours and subsequently in amateur productions.
The stage version has been somewhat more successful in the U.K., where it has had several professional productions.


Versions du musical

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Mais aussi, quelques versions régionales ou mineures, ... de Calamity Jane


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Principaux CD du musical

1) 1995-??-Studio Cast

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