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An army of Greek warriors set off for the land of the Amazons on a mission to capture the Sacred Girdle of Diana, currently flattering the figure of the Queen of the Amazons. Upon their arrival they are dumbfounded to discover that, in this land, the women rule and do battle while the men mind the children and buy new hats. The Greeks are seized and hauled before the female council, who are initially nonplussed by the notion of equality for men. However, over the course of two hilarious acts, a dozen captivating Rodgers and Hart songs, and a meeting of the minds, there's the inevitable meeting of the hearts.

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1 By Jupiter peut-être considéré comme un Top musical


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Based on The Warrior's Husband by Julian F. Thompson

Différents titres

All's Fair (pre-Broadway title)
The Warrior's Husband (source material)



Liste des chansons

Acte I
For Jupiter and Greece
Jupiter Forbid
Life With Father
Nobody's Heart Belongs to Me
The Gateway of the Temple of Minerva
Life With Father (Reprise)
Here's A Hand
No, Mother, No

Acte II
The Boy I Left Behind Me
Nobody's Heart Belongs to Me (Reprise)
Ev'rything I've Got
Bottoms Up
Careless Rhapsody
Ev'rything I've Got (Reprise)
Wait Till You See Her
Now That I've Got My Strength

Liste des rôles

THESEUS : He is strong, handsome and masterful, but not the silver-tongued negotiator that Homer is. His winning of Antiope is in the best Errol Flynn tradition - and she loves it.
HOMER : Shown as a war correspondent with a quick line in terrible verse - but he complains the source material is no good! Like all journalists (so they say), he never refuses a drink. However, he is daring enough to demand the belt outright for Hippolyta.
HERCULES : All brawn and no brain - and certainly no bravery, either: he lets Theseus and the army do all the belt-hunting, even though it's one of his Twelve Labours.
SAPIENS : A personable young man, eager to experience all the joys of marriage; although very masculine in his inclinations, he is an adapt gender-bender when it comes to using what we consider feminine wiles" to get his own way. The prospect of being King is delightful, too.
HIPPOLYTA : Marriage starts as a way to close an armaments deal, but she quickly gets the taste for it. However, her husband's demands are a distraction from her main activity - fighting!
ANTIOPE : More susceptible than her sister Hippolyta to the idea of making love rather than war, even if she is a formidable huntress and the Commander-in-Chief. An outdoors girl with a highly-developed sense of fun, and quite cut out for being abducted over Theseus' shoulder.
POMPOSIA : Ambitious, manipulative and domineering. She is a mother hen to Sapiens, but a business powerhouse to everyone else.
CAUSTICA & HEROICA : Councillors loyal to Hippolyta; a little empty between the ears, but quick enough with their tongues.
BURIA : An officious Captain of the Guard, with a soft spot for the boy she left behind her.
PENELOPE : The arch-courtesan camp follower, with one eye on the available soldiery and the other on her investment portfolio.

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1) 1967-01-Revival Cast

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